Welcome to Elizabeth Ebsworth Photography, the equine and country photographer of choice.  Catering for private portraiture, one-to-one and group tuition, commercial and brand photography.


Elizabeth Ebsworth's unique photography style is visible not only in the images that she captures but through the visual stories and memories she creates.  By focusing on finer details, Elizabeth is able to really capture the essence of the moment when horse and rider come together as one.  Using a combination of natural light, well-considered settings and the opportunity for riders to add their own personal touches, she creates beautiful, honest, timeless imagery and a lasting legacy for you.


Cleverly fusing both classic and contemporary styles, Elizabeth produces elegant and impressionable fine art pieces for your personal collection.  Every photoshoot is individually tailored, ensuring that your portfolio truly reflects the unique bond between you and your steed.  The entire photography experience from concept through to final images is designed to capture moments that will create memories and images that last a lifetime.


Elizabeth holds a Bsc (Hons) in Equine Studies and Business Management, which has served as an invaluable tool for broadening her horizons within the photography sector.  With a lifelong love for horses and the natural world, and having enjoyed many years in the saddle herself, Elizabeth offers a bespoke photography service that allows her passion to preserve your memories through the medium of fine art photography.


Elizabeth Ebsworth:

"My photography career has evolved considerably since first studying the subject at A-Level in the days of dark-room editing.  I have furthered my knowledge and skills through a range of self-taught methodologies and concepts, and of course a lot of creative experimentation over the years.  Gaining experience everywhere from the studio to the great outdoors, commercial to private events and working with animals and children, I have a wealth of knowledge that has enabled me to perfect my technique.  I am fortunate that I have a genuine passion for the work that I do and the pleasure of working with such an exceptional clientele."


"My appreciation of equine fine art coupled with the wonderful period architecture and countryside that we are privileged to have on our doorstep, allows me to experiment with the effects I can achieve through natural light, contrast, details, tones, outlines and different perspectives."


Elizabeth seeks to capture the true spirit of the horse in her images, their beautiful, natural form and their incredible empathy towards humans through a mix of stand-alone horse and with-rider photos, offering exquisite photographic artwork that opens a window into the very essence of the horse.


Feel free to browse through the online portfolio and experience the unique service that is offered to all clients.


[All of Elizabeth's work is her own and therefore the property of Elizabeth Ebsworth Photography and she reserves the right to retain the copyright for all work undertaken unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement].