I am currently working on a Project I envisaged back in early 2018. I have a great passion for Period Architecture, with the wealth of craftsmanship and dedication involved in it as well as the history behind such buildings that present a window into a past life. For me, horses were a natural element to add, since I have looked at the connotations of Stubbs and Munnings and wanted to bring this feel into a modern day vision. Celebrating the natural beauty and form of the horses which is very much interlocked in the history of such buildings is important and to use them to emphasise the manmade beauty and craftsmanship makes sense to me.


I am continuing my journey and always open to new opportunities, particularly in East Anglia, so if you have a period house or venue and would like to be featured in this wonderful project, please do contact me [email protected] 


Later this year I will be creating a Calendar to celebrate these amazing places and I will be putting a book together, this will contain a selection of images, some will include a mini series for larger house and venues and I will be including some text about each of the places to bring more to the book and the imagery.


I will also be hosting an exclusive exhibition, details will follow once things have been sorted.