Elizabeth Ebsworth provides a variety of Equine related Photography workshops as well as a number of exclusively styled Equine and human portraiture  photography, videography and content creation workshops with Camilla Lucinda Sheeley (website link).

Workshops are a great opportunity to meet like minded people, develop your photographic skills, try out a different genre, build on your portfolio and enjoy photographing.

Elizabeth has hosted workshops since 2018, with each year looking at providing workshops that allow for photographer’s to develop themselves, build on their portfolio, provide top quality models, beautiful locations, all in a safe environment with adequate insurance. Guidance and support are provided on the workshops where needed or requested, however, personal development and skill are greatly encouraged. Varying levels of photographers welcome, equipment queries should be made to me directly. Opportunities to request specific shots are always welcomed.

Workshop groups, support between 6-10 attendees depending on location and space. One to one sessions, which can include bespoke styling can be arranged by appointment, these are useful for working on something specific for portfolio or photographic competition.

Workshops are popular and booked up promptly. Waiting lists are available, as well as workshops being posted to the two Facebook Groups, where you can access what is coming up and get yourself booked on.


East Anglia Photography Workshops UK | Facebook

Home Counties Equestrian Photography workshops | Facebook


For further information, please contact me directly.


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